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Moving can be a significant rite of passage for any family, marked by the excitement of new beginnings, the stress of change, and the daunting task of uprooting a familiar life and planting it in a different city, state, or country. The experience can be particularly seismic for children, as it impacts their daily routine, friendships, and support systems. As a parent or guardian, understanding the unique challenges of relocating with kids is essential to ensuring a smooth transition for the whole family. Here are the critical factors to consider when leaping into a new chapter with your little ones in tow.


You’ll need to find suitable housing for your family, including any special needs your children may have. If you’re renting, check out the area carefully before signing a lease.

When it comes to finding a house that meets the needs of your school-aged children, location is critical. You’ll want to be close enough to their school for them to walk or take the bus, but not so close that there’s too much traffic or noise. You’ll also want to ensure there are plenty of things to do in the area, like parks, playgrounds, and after-school activities.


Research the schools in your new area and decide which would best fit your children. If you have children with special needs, find out what services and support the schools in your new area can provide.

The educational environment forms the bedrock of a child’s life and future. When moving with school-aged children, the proximity and quality of education should be among your considerations. Research your potential school district using official statistics, unscripted visits, and parent testimonials. Assess not only the academic scores but also extracurricular opportunities, teacher-student ratios, and the presence of any special programs that may benefit your child’s unique needs. Remember, a child’s educational experience extends beyond the school gates and into the community, shaping their social dynamics and personal growth.


If you need to find childcare for your children, research providers in your new area and visit them to ensure they are a good fit for your family.

House Size

When considering a move, consider how much space your family will need now and in the future. As your children grow, you may need more space. Many parents with kids under 18 said they need more living space than they currently have. National Association of Realtors®(NAR) reported that buyers with children, on average, purchase larger, detached single-family homes with four bedrooms and two full bathrooms at approximately 2,110 square feet.


Balancing work and the daily grind with quality family time is one of the foremost challenges families face in a new neighborhood. Explore the recreational opportunities in your new town or city to ensure a healthy mix of leisure activities to engage in as a family. Whether it’s access to natural beauty, family-friendly museums, or a vibrant arts scene, knowing that there are outlets for relaxation and togetherness can turn a foreign place into a comforting home.


If you have family or friends in your new area, contact them for support during the transition. They can help you settle in and get to know your new community.

When raising a family, buying or selling a home can be driven by different priorities. Making a move with kids can be a challenge, but if you take the time to plan and research your new area, it can be a smooth transition for everyone involved. If you’re a seller with children and looking to relocate, contact me, and I can help you navigate the process in the most reasonable time frame for you and your family.

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