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Many homeowners who are selling a home, wonder if they should fix-up their house before selling it or allow a potential buyer to do the updates and remodeling.  Whether you decide to repair your house before selling it or go straight to the market as-is, each decision has pros and cons.  This blog post will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of selling your home with an update already in place and selling without any repairs done.

Spending Money on Repairs

When selling a home, it’s important to remember that you will likely have to spend money on repairs to get top dollar for your home.  However, how much you spend on those repairs is up to you.  If you’re willing and able to do some of the repairs yourself, this can save you money.  How much money you spend on repairs will depend on your time constraints and market conditions where you live.

If you’re selling a home that’s in good condition, it’s important to make sure it looks its best.  Curb appeal is critical when selling a home, and making minor repairs around the house will go a long way.  Although, it is good to remember that not all repairs are necessary.

If selling your home as-is without making any repairs, make sure you are transparent with potential buyers.  Let them know what they can expect when they buy the house, and be sure to have a realistic price point in mind.  Remember, selling a home without any repairs done is much more complicated than selling one that’s been updated.

Will the Repairs Increase my Home Value?

There is no one definitive answer to the question, “Will the repairs and improvements I do on my house increase my Home Value?” Some repairs will certainly increase the value of your home more than others, but it depends on the individual property and the market at the time of sale.  Generally speaking, however, making any repair will usually result in a higher selling price than if the property were to be sold “as is.”

Some of the most popular home improvements that will increase the value of a property are kitchens, landscaping, and painting the interior and exterior of your home.  In particular, a kitchen renovation can be one of the best investments you can make when selling your home.  If you have a dated kitchen with more than ten year old appliances, it may be worth the cost of replacing them to get a better selling price.  Similarly, a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference in the appearance of your home, and maybe all you need to increase its value by several thousand dollars.

Landscaping is another area where you can see a significant return on investment.  A well-manicured lawn and garden with beautiful flowers can add curb appeal that potential buyers will notice the minute they pull up to your property.  Landscaping can also include adding things like a deck, fence, or other valuable items to potential buyers in your area.

As you can see, there are many different ways to increase the value of your home before putting it on the market.  It is essential to do your research and find the improvements that will be most beneficial to you and your specific property.  Talk to real estate agents, contractors, and other professionals to understand what is currently selling well in your area.  Then use that information to make the necessary repairs and upgrades so you can get top dollar for your home!

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