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Looking for a real estate investment in the Prescott area?

The Prescott and Prescott Valley area is a popular place to retire as well as raise a family. The real estate market in the Prescott quad-cities has something for everyone . . . condos, luxury homes, subdivisions with fabulous amenities, as well as fix and flip investment properties.

Below are four tips you should consider before you make fix and flip real estate investment:

1. Location, Location, Location

Investors need to pay attention to areas with proximity to good schools, restaurants, and shopping centers. The resell data can provide a lot of valuable information.

2. Follow Commercial Developers

Follow the lead of experts. When commercial developers target a neighborhood to renovate old shopping centers, that typically means they see growth in that neighborhood, and residential real estate will follow that trend.

3. Design Trends are Important

Thanks to HGTV, buyers are becoming savvier in terms of design and architecture trends. It is important to spend money on renovations where it counts most.

4. Quality Counts

A good flip considers quality. Buyers can see through cheap upgrades.

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